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                         2017                                     2019   

2016                                        2018

The Oldfield's, that's Tanja & Ralf with the daughters Sarah & Jessy.

After we always loved visiting the United States and after having visited 46 of 50 states alone and then from the birth of our 1st daughter over the year, the last times we have always returned to the beautiful Cape Coral area.

After we were in CC again in July 2016, we had the crazy idea to look for a ground to build a house at some point in the distant future at retirement age


Told to have found soon a top broker and already 4 weeks after our holiday, I was back on site to make the dream coming true. We had found our dream property in an area that we liked best.

In the next couple of months, however, we realized very quickly that we could not wait until the pension was due, and then in 2018 finally gave the go-ahead for building the house.


With Markus our broker, Matthias our developer and Gabi his wife, we have found a top team, which helped us with everything

Only 4 weeks after building application, the excavators rolled in early December and the construction progressed so fast at an incredible pace that we were able to spend our first holiday in our own house in July 2019.

We would be glad if you would accompany our dream for a short time.

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