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The house is in an area with currently no cable connection. TV is received through the service of AT&T (Direct TV).

A channel list with the can be found here . All stations of the "Choice" package are received.

We have chosen the most expensive and best option for this area and are supplied with 25 Mbps via satellite.


Unfortunately, the volume is limited, so that we can only allow surfing the Internet and streaming music, streaming video films via Netflix, AmarzonPrime, YouTube etc. via the home network is expressly prohibited.


The TVs are blocked for access, but streaming via other access devices such as tablets, laptops, smartphones, etc. is also prohibited.


Should a guest violate this rule, we have to deduct the cost of the video streaming volume used from the deposit.


We installed an LTE router in the living room and connected it to the TV. If you wish, you can connect to the Internet via the router and your own prepaid card and use the installed streaming services.



You can find more information in the guest folder.

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